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Wade Koniakowsky

Art Show & Birthday Bash!

Join us for an art show and birthday bash celebrating Wade Koniakowsky!

This event will showcase a cool new art series that has never before been seen!

This promises to be a fun-filled evening of art and celebration. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to experience the talent of one of the most renowned artists in the industry.

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No upcoming events at the moment
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May 23 & 24th
Wade Koniakowsky Workshop!

"Painting Padre Waves"

Padre Island Art Gallery - May 23rd and 24th, 1-4 pm


Space is limited, so the time to sign up is NOW.

Painting Padre Waves - 2 day Workshop

The Gulf Coast, with its richly colored waters and sandy beaches, offers a captivating spectacle for artists seeking inspiration. Here, the colors shift and meld, reflecting the ever-changing moods of the sea and sky. I’ve watched the waves break along the beaches of Padre Island since I began surfing there in the mid 60’s.

This 2 day workshop will be a deep dive into depicting these scenes. Day one will include an intro to color and values, fundamental to painting any work of art. From there we will move right into what I consider the 4 elements that make up the most compelling wave paintings:

Offshore spray

Backlight that comes thru the wave

The curl of the wave and how the light falls on it

“Froth” and how it moves up the face of the waves, in and out of the light

In this, we spend a fair amount of time on the mechanics of a breaking wave and the play of light on this movement.

Our goal will be to complete one wave painting per day. We will work from reference that I provide, pictures of waves I’ve painted, scenes that I can break down like a math problem.

Whether you're a seasoned painter or just beginning your artistic journey, join us as we immerse ourselves in the beauty of the Gulf Coast waves and unlock the secrets to bringing them to life on canvas.

• $225 per person

• Students bring their own supplies

• Acrylic, 11x14" canvases (1 per day) panel or stretched

• ALL reference photos are supplied by Wade

Download the supply list with the button below

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